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Design is way more than a job

A fusion of knowledge, experience, perception and imagination, adding the unique objectives or limitations of each project, produces unique architecture and design. This process is way more than a job, it’s a way of expression and eventually subsistence.

Design is way more than a job

Years of experience
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Eye on the future

Adding bits of contemporary aesthetics, in the unique fusion of every project, produces the upcoming trends, creating and progressing the projects of the future.

Full Scale organization represented by Mr Tasos Grinkas Architect and Designer is a very pleasant person to work with. Tasos has commitment in all my projects and as a professional very capable of advising a good solution with all complex issues. Focused on quality and durability. And obviously focused on contemporary aesthetic Architecture that is truly unique. Thank you Tasos for the good cooperation and perfect service.
Stavros Katelanakis
CEO Talos Luxury Villas
Great Architect. Speaks both Greek and English, walks you though the process from start to finish and always available for questions.
Matt Wilson
Paradise constructions
First of all, let us start with a big "Efcharisto". THANK YOU. We were entering into the business relationship with Tasos after we came to know that the project plot which we have decided for, did not allow a very spacious villa development as we had originally planned. (legal reasons after detailed analyses of the plot) So the challenge was to create a very modern luxury designer villa but with the limited space available. After we had sent Tasos our mood board and our expectation to the project, he was working on the first draft for several weeks. After finalization, it was presented to us via email, including plans and some rendered views. We could discuss all details in a zoom call where only very minor adjustments were needed. TASOS did a perfect and very modern planning which combined our personal wishes regarding the design of the villa and included the "inside-outside" living concept as well, which led to the amazing result that even with the space limitation in square meters by law, the villa looks very open and spacious. We are VERY happy and impressed with Tasos super modern design approach and we are looking forward to plan the interior design with him as well after the building permit has been obtained. Finally we can say that we would recommend Tasos to all clients who expect a modern, stylish and personalized unique design with a "wow effect" Last but not least we would recommend to tell Tasos your expectations but leave free room for his own creativity and ideas because he is a very talented architect. All the best!
Diana Hofmann-Larina
Head of Design at EFCNI, Art Director & Fashion Photographer.